The Two Little Frogs

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by Allie R. Fry

An evangelist once told a story,
So simple though impressive to me:
It seems that two frogs were hopping about,
And fell in a jar of cream.

One said, “There’s no doubt about it,
We’re doomed, may as well not try.
We never could get out of here.”
So he just gave up and died.

But the other one had a different view,
He said, “to try can’t hurt.
I’m going to keep on kicking!
It can’t make matters worse.”

And so he just kept kicking,
And it wasn’t very long
‘Til a ball of butter he had churned,
And he felt like singing a song.

He crawled up on the butter-ball,
And hopped out free, so free!
From this we can learn a lesson,
From this we can take heed.

When trials hard we face in life,
And troubles great we bear,
And it seems no use and all seems vain,
And we cry in deep despair…

Like the little frog we should not give up,
But keep on trying hard.
Even thought life deals a bitter blow,
At the end there’s a great reward.

Our Lord will help us day by day,
In the end he will dry our tears.
And eternal life he has in store,
If we’re faithful through the years.

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